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Application Areas

Areas of Application

The application of stain resistant finishes gives added value to consumer products in the Apparel sector, with this technology now being widely marketed on children’s clothing and workwear, making for easier laundering and giving garments extra life. Military clothing could benefit from such finishes as the garments are required to perform in battle field conditions; less care is needed and would result in easy wearer maintenance and reduced laundering. 

In the Interiors sector stain resistant finishes have widespread use in applications such as upholstery and floor coverings. Extreme performance upholstery requires durability, stain resistance and ease of laundering. Such upholstery and trim with stain resistant characteristics is of added value in the Automotive industry in order to lengthen product life and make day to day care easier.

Nanotechnology treatments for upholstery materials;

Stain resistance of Medical and Hygiene textiles is mainly concentrated on uses such as interior textiles, carpets, curtains, bedding and uniforms including protective clothing. Preventing staining or penetration of the textile can be helpful in controlling microbial activity and cross contamination.