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Market Sectors

Market Sectors

The UV resistant property is a requirement for a diverse range of textile applications across many sectors, such as sail cloths in Sports and Leisure, seat coverings in Automotives, and as an essential characteristic for maintaining strength in applications such as Construction, Geotextiles and General Engineering. As UV light can be a contributing factor to colour fading, preventing this is a challenge faced by the Interiors sector.

For apparel applications the intrinsic UV resistance of fabrics used in clothing is enough to provide the general protection required from regular wear garments. However as an added value function, UV finishes have been applied to provide extra protection. A UV protection rating is displayed on many apparel on sale in Australia and New Zealand, where the climatic conditions make the functionality of UV protection in clothing much more relevant than, say, in Europe.  A UV protection rating is displayed on many garments on sale in countries where the climatic conditions make the functionality of UV protection in clothing an important requirement, in particular Australia and New Zealand.  The market demand is more prevalent for Children’s wear and is driven by safety advice around UV exposure.

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In Personal Protective Equipment UV resistance becomes more relevant in terms of wearer protection. In certain industrial applications such as Welding and Plasma cutting there is a risk of Erythemahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erythema and even skin burns; therefore a UV resistant quality is of importance. In this application it may also be of importance to provide Heat Resistance as a functionality of these personal protective garments.

In specialist technical apparel the application of UV resistance can be vital to maintain wearer health. The space suit is an example of this; the functionality is of particular importance, as UVC rays are filtered by the Earths atmosphere this natural protection is not provided outside of it, in space, so an enhanced level of resistance is required.

Spacesuit fabric engineering

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